Ichi Hatano (Tokyo)  Nov 2011

Danny Scott Staggs (Michigan) Dec 2011

Mike Hendrix Feb 2012

Mr. Dana Brunson (Ohio) Feb 2012

World renowned Mokume Gane maker Mike Sakmar. April 2012.
Visit Mike's site here.

Paul Gomez (Michigan) 2011

Baltzar Bauer (Portugal) & Ray Rogers (Indiana) July 2012

Mac Macintosh (Mexico) 

Bird & Dino (Michigan) 2012

Doug Leese (FHI)

Jeff Shea

Stewart and Christine Hall from Missourri.

Mick O'Herien from NYC.

Jesse Brigden from Victoria BC Canada

Henry Rollins. May 2014

Tim Svetly. Tim is currently working on a book about the life and times of Roy Boy Cooper. 11June2014

Denny Padgett and family. 27Sep2014

Mark "The Shark" Stonock of Liverpool England. Nov 2014