Vintage Machines


Early Perforator Pens

Edison Stencil Pen museum display.jpg (5044880 bytes) Edison display for Philly.jpg (673028 bytes)
1876 Edison Autographic Printing complete kit: stencil pen #4263 & stand, Grenet cell battery, mimeograph printer with case and instructions, ink roller, ink tubes, acid bottle. Click HERE to see more of the Edison Pen.

1905 Kustner windup perforator pen in original box from Dresden Germany.

early 1900's travel kit.jpg (4433616 bytes) perforator display.jpg (445595 bytes) 
Unknown early 1900's perforator converted to do tattoos. Found with the entire tattoo travel case.

1820's foot powered dental drill, often modified to do tattoos with.

Vintage Tattoo Machines

Professor Charlie Wagner
Charlie Wagner museum display.jpg (2858781 bytes) wagner display updated.jpg (397578 bytes)
^ 1930's era Wagner "Lefty" (previously owned by Harry Liberty). Bernard Kobel photograph.

^ 1930's era Wagner "Lefty" (now in Fast Eddy's collection)
wagner machines.jpg (86747 bytes) wagner machines 2.jpg (535554 bytes) wagner machines 4.jpg (540037 bytes) wagner tube.jpg (431759 bytes)
^ 2 complete original Wagner machines with stamped Wagner tubes. From the Frank Kelly travel kit.
2 wagner machines.jpg (437980 bytes) wagner machine side.jpg (396714 bytes) wagner machine coil side.jpg (398802 bytes)
^ 1920's era brass Wagner. 
Coney Island Vinny machines 1.jpg (493263 bytes) Coney Island Vinny machines 2.jpg (385898 bytes)
Wagner tributes by Coney Island Vinnie, cast from a 2nd generation Wagner mold.

Percy Waters
 new Waters display.jpg (489356 bytes) waters model 2 side.jpg (381370 bytes) waters model 2 coil tops.jpg (366684 bytes) Percy Waters museum display.jpg (4763277 bytes) waters machines.jpg (120385 bytes) waters coil tops.jpg (70460 bytes) waters animal marker display.jpg (561081 bytes) waters 1.jpg (191974 bytes) waters 6.jpg (118022 bytes) waters 7.jpg (124449 bytes) waters 8.jpg (92300 bytes) 
^ Original Waters card. Waters supply catalog. 3 1930-1940's era Waters machines: model 7, stamped model 2, no name model. Springs, needle bars, milk glass sundry jars. Waters animal marker and power supply.

Gerry Matthews
^ 1940's era Gerry Matthews liner (mint unused condition) and original Matthews hand drawn flash sheet (a gift from Mr. Dana Brunson). The shader is now in the collection of Mr. Jimmie Skuse, UK.

Bill Jones

^ Nick Picarro/Bill Jones card. 2 1940's era Jonsey Squareback machines (100% original). From the collection of Mr. Larry Hanks. 

George Burchett

^ 1950's era Burchett/Davis machine. 1937 Churchman's tobacco card picturing George Burchett. From the collection of Mr. Shotsie Gorman. 

Bill Moore
bill moore machine pair 1.jpg (352598 bytes) bill moore machine pair 2.jpg (386384 bytes) Bob Shaw, Sailor Jerry, Bill Moore museum display.jpg (4729906 bytes) CTSH kit.jpg (110984 bytes) ctsh stuff.jpg (101051 bytes) bill moore display.jpg (128276 bytes) bill moore machines.jpg (130752 bytes)
^ 6 1940's era Bill Moore (Chicago Tattoo Supply House) machines and travel kit including inks, power supply, footswitch and flash. Mint unused condition. 

Milton Zeis
zeis t-top machine.jpg (312476 bytes) zeis ttop.jpg (98488 bytes) zeis display.jpg (105744 bytes)
^ 1950's era Zeis machine (previously owned by Al Shieffley). Various Zeis supply catalogs. From the collection of Mr. Larry Hanks.1940's Zeis T-top machine (from the collection of Paul Ramsbottom). 

Bob Shaw

^ 1970's era Bob Shaw owned Swingate machine. Business card. 

Owen Jensen

^ 1940's era Jensen Special "Animal Marker" and power supply. 

Stoney St Clair

^ 1960's era Sailor Jerry frame, built by Paul Rogers for Stoney. 

Al Shieffley

^ 1950's era Paul Rogers frame, built by Al Shieffley using Jonesy guts. 7 various Shieffley cards. All from the collection of Mr. Larry Hanks. 

Sailor Jerry Collins

^ Malone "Bulldog" machine, cast from the original Sailor Jerry mold. Original Sailor Jerry card.

Des Connolly
des connoly machine 1.jpg (169721 bytes) des connoly machine 2.jpg (191991 bytes) Des Connolly machine 3.jpg (250084 bytes)
Des Connolly
des connoly machine 1.jpg (169721 bytes) des connoly machine 2.jpg (191991 bytes) Des Connolly machine 3.jpg (250084 bytes)
des connolly display.jpg (100189 bytes)
^ 1960's era. Des Connolly (Australia) cast frames for Sailor Jerry Collins. This machine is from the Shotsie Gorman collection. 

Old Doc Webb

^ 1960's era Spaulding machine, built and owned by Doc Webb. From the collection of Don Lucas. 
Doc Webb Jonesy and Jones Letter.jpg (472656 bytes)
^ 1950's era Jonsey, modified by Doc Webb, and a hand signed letter from Bill Jones to Doc Webb (both from the Don Lucas collection).

Col Todd
Col Todd Jim Dandy machines 2.jpg (395632 bytes)
^ 2 1970's era Col Todd "Jim Dandy" machines. From the collection of Snake Yates. 

Don Nolan
Don Nolan machine.jpg (437575 bytes)
^ 1970's era Don Nolan machine and card. From the collection of Mr. Dana Brunson. 

"Bowery Stan" Moskowitz
bowery stan display new.jpg (417168 bytes) bowery stan machines.jpg (471837 bytes) sw display updated.jpg (398489 bytes) sw model 400 1.jpg (49506 bytes) sw model 401 1.jpg (67973 bytes) Bowery Stan display.jpg (78071 bytes)
^ 1970's era "Black Beauty" machine. Jonesy machine, cast from original Bill Jones mold. Raw cast Jonsey frame. Various machines from Stan's personal collection. Signed ballpeen hammer. Various cards.
Model 400 110V electric machine. Model 401 battery operated machine (from the RJ Rosini collection). are donations to the museum by Mr. Bowery Stan. 

Mike "Rollo" Malone

^ 2007 Malone "Rollomatic" machine. Various cards. Acetate Jesus stencil. Flash sheet. 

Jack Armstrong
Jack armstrong display.jpg (101835 bytes)
Various machines, flash, business cards, shop schwag, and signed article.

Paul Rogers
rogers jframe side.jpg (433045 bytes)
rogers jframe coil side.jpg (421416 bytes) rogers display with jframe.jpg (517373 bytes)
^ Unused 1984 J-Frame

Les Skuse
skuse machine 1.JPG (302903 bytes) skuse machine 2.JPG (754508 bytes)

^ 1955 machine (better pics soon)

Lyle Tuttle
tuttle machines 2.jpg (372096 bytes)
^ 2 "Black & Steel" machines

Cindy Ray (by Tony Lynx)
cindy ray machine.jpg (284059 bytes)
^ 20th Century Cindy Ray E-Coil Machine

Mickey Bee (UK)

mickey bee machine.jpg (572740 bytes)
^ 1990's era Mickey Bee (England) donated by Baltzar Bauer

Tony Lynx

tony lynx display.jpg (552005 bytes) tony lynx box.jpg (490294 bytes)
^ Tony Lynx display (England)

Ronnie Starr (UK)

ronnie starr frame.jpg (314010 bytes) ronnie starr display.jpg (152184 bytes) ronnie starr.jpg (93164 bytes)
3 Ronnie Starr machines donated by Ronnie himself at Tattoo Jam, England 2014.

Dennis Dwyer 

Dennis Dwyer raw cast frames.jpg (213640 bytes)
^ (Precision) 1980's raw cast frames.

Sailor Barney
sailor barney machines.jpg (177020 bytes)
Coastal frames.jpg (534239 bytes)

Zeke Owen
zeke owen machine stuff.jpg (104586 bytes)

Lionel Titchner
Lionel Titchner machine.jpg (443162 bytes)
^ 1960s era with a very unique pinch style tube clamp.

Paul Livingston
paul livingston machine.jpg (327281 bytes)
^ 1960s era. A contribution from Jeff Shea.

Tattoo Suppliers Displays

S&W Tattoo Supply
Bowery Stan display.jpg (78071 bytes)

National Tattoo Supply

Spaulding & Rogers
Spaulding display NEW.jpg (681793 bytes)
spaulding supreme deluxe.jpg (120704 bytes) spaulding revolution.jpg (114147 bytes)

Big Joe Kaplan & sons