Vintage Flash

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^ Raye Collinson (UK) 1963

^ 1947 Milton Zeis flash

^ David Mann flash 1980's

^ 1940's Unknown Artist

dominick chance 1.jpg (353506 bytes) dominick chance 2.jpg (411167 bytes) dominick chance 3.jpg (450497 bytes) dominick chance 4.jpg (480637 bytes) dominick chance 5.jpg (463176 bytes) dominick chance 6.jpg (459750 bytes) dominick chance 7.jpg (447102 bytes) dominick chance 8.jpg (470763 bytes) dominick chance 9.jpg (383561 bytes) dominick chance 10.jpg (390847 bytes)
^ Dominick Chance (copies) 1930's

ed horton.jpg (395321 bytes) ed horton 2.jpg (316529 bytes) ed horton 3.jpg (308867 bytes) ed horton 4.jpg (345561 bytes)
^ E.D. Horton (copies) 1930's

tom berg 1.jpg (344085 bytes) tom berg 2.jpg (440175 bytes)
^ Tom Berg (copies) 1920's

jones flash.jpg (417467 bytes)
^ Bill Jones (copies) 1950's

zeis flash 1.jpg (359727 bytes) zeis flash 2.jpg (310010 bytes) zeis flash 3.jpg (347193 bytes) zeis flash 4.jpg (351140 bytes) zeis flash 5.jpg (368923 bytes) zeis flash 6.jpg (317601 bytes) zeis flash 7.jpg (334881 bytes) zeis flash 8.jpg (339695 bytes) zeis flash 9.jpg (541680 bytes) zeis flash 10.jpg (389525 bytes)
^ Milton Zeis (copies) 1950's

1960s usmc flash.jpg (352275 bytes)
^ 1970's unknown artist

bob shaw flash.jpg (347738 bytes)
^ 1960's Bob Shaw original

k60 flash.jpg (319933 bytes) barba k5.jpg (318128 bytes) barba k84.jpg (287255 bytes) barba k186.jpg (329667 bytes) barba k163.jpg (319394 bytes) barba k169.jpg (365896 bytes) barba k184.jpg (309755 bytes) 
^ 1980's Kari Barba (much more to come)

nolan flash 1.jpg (311460 bytes) nolan flash 2.jpg (339000 bytes) nolan flash 3.jpg (337180 bytes) nolan flash 4.jpg (295297 bytes) nolan 324N.jpg (370833 bytes) nolan flash 76n.jpg (345391 bytes)
1970's Don Nolan printed sheets, hand colored

rj rosini flash.jpg (425467 bytes)
^ 1978 RJ Rosini original

JF Barber flash.jpg (283186 bytes) jf barber detroit.jpg (75978 bytes)
^ 1920's JF Barber original art

capt don stencils.jpg (380185 bytes)
^ 1950's Capt Don Leslie stencils

oniwaka maru by dano.jpg (537187 bytes) samurai snake by dano.jpg (589340 bytes) tiger by dano.jpg (539687 bytes) women 1 by dano.jpg (416130 bytes) women 2 by dano.jpg (408644 bytes) tatu dan sign.jpg (268845 bytes) eagles by Dano.jpg (461483 bytes) phonenix by Dano.jpg (562617 bytes) samurai's by Dano.jpg (411754 bytes) ships by Dano.jpg (495368 bytes)
^ 1980's Dano Collins original art. Flash by various artists redrawn.

stoney stclair flash.jpg (353676 bytes)
^ 1950's original believed to be by Leonard "Stoney" StClair 

little mick skull.jpg (370350 bytes)
^ Little Mick, Australia 1984 original

al schiefley flash.jpg (403318 bytes)
^ 1950's Al Schiefley original (from the collection of Paul Ramsbottom)

Eddy Barling flash 1.jpg (423474 bytes) Eddy Barling flash 2.jpg (394242 bytes) Eddy Barling flash 3.jpg (414888 bytes)
^ 1950's Eddy Barling flash (Australia) (from the collection of Brett Stewart)

bob shaw 2 flash.jpg (369702 bytes)
^ 1970's Bob Shaw 2 original (from the collection of Bobby Shaw)

amund dietzel flash display.jpg (295528 bytes)
^ 1920's Amund Dietzel original (from the Albert Morse collection)

Dano and paul rogers flash.jpg (375482 bytes) original paul rogers flash.jpg (308680 bytes)
^ 1960's original Paul Rogers flash. This sheet was featured in Ernie Carafa's book on Rogers flash.

bill moore flash book.jpg (388820 bytes) bill moore flash 1.jpg (342749 bytes) bill moore flash 2.jpg (333469 bytes) bill moore flash 3.jpg (370455 bytes) bill moore flash 4.jpg (377287 bytes) bill moore flash 5.jpg (391881 bytes) bill moore flash 6.jpg (363989 bytes) bill moore flash 7.jpg (368823 bytes) bill moore flash 8.jpg (350462 bytes) bill moore flash 9.jpg (340836 bytes) bill moore flash 10.jpg (396533 bytes) bill moore flash 11.jpg (363680 bytes) bill moore flash 12.jpg (393485 bytes) bill moore flash 13.jpg (345165 bytes) bill moore flash 14.jpg (377886 bytes) bill moore flash 15.jpg (371366 bytes) bill moore flash 16.jpg (382022 bytes)
^ A very rare find! 16 Bill Moore (Chicago Tattoo Supply House) flash sheets 1930's ONE book!!!

grimm sundance velox.jpg (158187 bytes) grimm sundancer with cover.jpg (56038 bytes) grimm flash.jpg (430838 bytes)
^ 1940's Bert Grimm velox print, used in the printing of "The Tattooist" book (1977) with printers dust cover. From the Albert Morse collection.

swallow flash.jpg (410461 bytes) Sailor Jerry Swallow Flash.jpg (285557 bytes) sailor jerry swallow flash 1.jpg (494486 bytes) sailor jerry swallow flash 2.jpg (483327 bytes) Sailor Jerry Swallow flash 3.jpg (547933 bytes) Sailor Jerry Swallow flash 4.jpg (466281 bytes) Sailor Jerry Swallow flash 5.jpg (505283 bytes) Sailor Jerry Swallow flash 6.jpg (529857 bytes) Sailor Jerry Swallow flash 7.jpg (538606 bytes) 
^ Various Sailor Jerry Swallow original flash

nolan flash.jpg (430998 bytes)
^ 1976 Don Nolan flash. This was my first sheet of commercial flash that I colored in 1978!

phil sims flash.jpg (318702 bytes)
^ 2012 Phil Sims original flash. Based on a vintage Bert Grimm design.

coleman flash.jpg (506118 bytes) cap coleman with arrow.jpg (312519 bytes) Coleman battleship flash.jpg (541239 bytes) coleman sheet.jpg (129307 bytes)
^ 1925 August "Cap" Coleman original flash.  Previously owned by Huck Spaulding. This sheet can be seen in the famous pic of Coleman in front of his shop. Coleman battleship chest piece. Both from the Albert Morse collection.

matthews flash.jpg (432268 bytes)
^ 1940's Gerry Matthews original flash. From the Dana Brunson collection.

1930's unknown flash.jpg (572117 bytes) blue back flash 2.jpg (1466293 bytes) 
^ 1930's era. Believed to be Grimshaw or Coleman.

bob shaw 3 flash 1.jpg (417271 bytes) bob shaw 3 flash 2.jpg (375056 bytes) bob shaw 3 flash 3.jpg (402381 bytes) bob shaw 3 flash 4.jpg (340090 bytes)
^ Bobby Shaw 3 flash

cleveland flash.jpg (271712 bytes)
^ 1950's era Walter Cleveland flash. From the Albert Morse collection.

curley pope flash.jpg (558429 bytes)

^ 1930's era Curley Pope flash.

sailor jerry flash framed.jpg (482824 bytes) Sailor Jerry Stencil display.jpg (567397 bytes) 
^ Sailor Jerry Collins flash (copies) and original acetate stencil

tony politos flash.jpg (403357 bytes)
^ 1959 Tony Politos flash

joe lieber flash.jpg (141519 bytes)
^ Brooklyn Joe Lieber (copy)

howie steinhart flash.jpg (84145 bytes)
^ 1960's Howie Steinhart flash (Portland)

rogers flash 1934.jpg (122787 bytes)
^ 1934 Paul Rogers (copy)

1940's unknown usmc flash.jpg (540798 bytes)
^ 1940's era USMC flash. Unknown west coast artist.

clingan flash 1.jpg (574728 bytes) clingan flash 2.jpg (689503 bytes) clingan sepia pic.jpg (2070254 bytes) clingan article.jpg (350990 bytes) joe clingan tattoo master.jpg (606962 bytes)
^ Extremely rare early 1900's Joe Clingan double sided flash sheet. The indian girl sheet can be seen in the top left corner of this 1948 photo of Joe tattooing. 1948 news article about Joe's retirement stating that he had 50 years of tattooing in at that time.

jack armstrong flash 1.jpg (531909 bytes) jack armstrong flash 2.jpg (536839 bytes)
^ 2 sheets of 1960's era original Jack Armstrong flash.

lotie richter flash.jpg (465148 bytes) lotie richter 1 72dpi.jpg (409886 bytes)
^ 2 cuts and a paper stencil by Lotie Richter, a German artist working in South Africa. 1950's era.

bert grimm flash.jpg (501407 bytes)
^ 1960s era original Bert Grimm flash

Charlie Dufresne stamp.jpg (258552 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 1.jpg (627411 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 2.jpg (573013 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 3.jpg (546483 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 4.jpg (559374 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 5.jpg (532164 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 6.jpg (537187 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 7.jpg (583188 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 8.jpg (560242 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 9.jpg (563920 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 10.jpg (568599 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 11.jpg (577722 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 12.jpg (648521 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 13.jpg (697409 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 14.jpg (745955 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 15.jpg (795645 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 16.jpg (709650 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 17.jpg (726234 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 18.jpg (724023 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 19.jpg (684868 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 20.jpg (682819 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 21.jpg (699482 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 22.jpg (623074 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 23.jpg (644131 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 24.jpg (747787 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 25.jpg (701531 bytes) Charlie Dufresne 26.jpg (669429 bytes)
^ Various commercial flash that belonged to my mentor Crazy Charlie Dufresne, and all bare his "Tattoo U" stamp on the reverse. All of it was sold by Spaulding and Rogers, and most of it is by Don Nolan or Cliff Raven.

Don Nolan original flash.jpg (621675 bytes)
^ Original Don Nolan 1977

johnny eagle sr flash 1968.jpg (791383 bytes) johnny eagle signature.jpg (426765 bytes)
^ Johnny Eagle 1968

dietz 1.jpg (291329 bytes) dietz 2.jpg (326868 bytes) dietz 3.jpg (331315 bytes) dietzel flash to trade.jpg (685080 bytes) dietzel 1.jpg (688755 bytes) dietzel 2.jpg (633177 bytes) dietzel 3.jpg (498699 bytes) dietzel 4.jpg (636332 bytes) dietzel 5.jpg (595841 bytes) dietzel 6.jpg (713003 bytes) dietzel 7.jpg (450635 bytes) dietzel 8.jpg (699664 bytes) dietzel 9.jpg (651990 bytes) dietzel 10.jpg (713053 bytes) dietzel 11.jpg (717133 bytes) dietzel 12.jpg (624729 bytes) dietzel 13.jpg (561558 bytes)
^ Various 1920s era Amund Dietzel original flash cuts from The Frank Kelly travel trunk.