USMC Tattoo Display

Tattoos have always been a tradition with the armed forces, but no other group has collected them as much as the United States Marine Corps. The museum is very pleased to have a nice collection and display of various vintage USMC flash and acetate stencils from well known legends of tattooing. Semper Fi!

rogers usmc flash.jpg (130046 bytes)
^ 1947 Paul Rogers flash that was featured in the 1977 book "The Tattooist" by Albert Morse. From the Albert Morse collection.

leeroy mignugh usmc flash.jpg (111405 bytes)
^ 1960s LeeRoy Minugh flash.

1940's unknown usmc flash.jpg (540798 bytes)

^ Unknown artist. 1970's era.

1960s usmc flash.jpg (352275 bytes)
^ 1960's era. Unknown artist.

cleveland flash.jpg (271712 bytes)
^ 1950s era Walter Cleveland flash.

usmc flash tattoo dave 86.jpg (701826 bytes)
^ 1986 Tattoo Dave flash.

sailor jerry flash framed.jpg (482824 bytes)
^ Sailor Jerry Collins flash (copy). 1960s era.

swallow flash.jpg (410461 bytes)
^ 1970s era Sailor Jerry Swallow flash.

dc paul usmc stencils.jpg (730683 bytes)
^ 1960s era DC Paul acetate stencils. From the Dana Brunson collection.

ED Horton acetate.jpg (708457 bytes)
^ 1950s era ED Horton acetate stencil.

zeke stencils.jpg (127179 bytes)
^ Various Zeke Owen acetate stencils. 1960s-1970s era.

sailor jerry stencil 2.jpg (409917 bytes)
^ Sailor Jerry Collins acetate stencil. 1960s era. From the collection of Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand.

usmc display 2.jpg (105290 bytes) usmc display 1.jpg (118520 bytes) usmc acetates 3.jpg (72531 bytes) usmc acetates 2.jpg (76201 bytes) usmc acetates 1.jpg (65275 bytes)
^ The display with stencils by ED Horton, Zeke Owen, DC Paul, Sailor Jerry Collins, Owen Jensen.

1952 bulldog.jpeg (105593 bytes)< 1952 tattoo from California.
1967 usmc tattoo.jpg (456565 bytes)< 1967 tattoo from California.
1961 Doc Webb usmc tattoo.jpg (321344 bytes)< 1961 tattoo by Doc Webb, San Diego.