Primitive Tattoo Tools

Iban Tribes of Borneo

Borneo hand tools museum display.jpg (3901188 bytes) borneo display 2.jpg (430508 bytes) borneo display.jpg (64452 bytes) borneo display 2.jpg (72720 bytes)
^ Complete tattoo set: travel too box, 2 sets of needles and tappers, various stencils including the famous "borneo rose", ink bowl. Carved hornbill statue and earlobe goddess statue.

Buddhist Thai Monk Tattoo Set
thai monk display.jpg (101883 bytes)

^ Complete set: ornate travel tool box, 8 tattoo tools, ink well, prayer/flash booklet.

Samoan Tattoo Tool

^ This is one of the tools used to do Suluape Aisea Toetu'u's Tongan style pe'a tattoo, the first one to be done in over 200 years! Me having my leg tapped by Aisea and Lopeti in the photo. A gift from Aisea.

Japanese Tebori Tools

Japanese tebori tools museum display.jpg (4395228 bytes) tebori tools 1.jpg (270527 bytes) tebori tools 2.jpg (332207 bytes) tebori tools 3.jpg (293432 bytes) japanese tebori display.jpg (81836 bytes)
Traditional "hand poked" Japanese tools (a gift from Horimasa Tosui of the Horikin Family/Tokyo). Rare 1950's era Hakata Tattoo Statue.