Frank L Kelly


Frank L. Kelly Tattoo Trunk.

The Frank Kelly tattoo trunk was rediscovered and acquired by the Motor City Tattoo Museum in January of 2013. The items had not seen the light of day for almost 20 years prior.

Frank Kelly was a turn of the century tattooer that worked from the late 1800's until his retirement in 1939. During his career he worked in Coney Island NY, on Chatham Square NYC (with Charlie Wagner) and finally settled in Racine Wisconsin until his retirement. He continued to paint circus sideshow banners until his death in 1957.

All of the items below were found in Frank Kelly trunk.

frank kelly tattoo trunk.jpg (656646 bytes) frank kelly tattoo trunk empty.jpg (666593 bytes)
^ The trunk as it was found (L), and after clearing out the goods (R). Unfortunately, the newspaper in the trunk was so deteriorated we couldn't find a date or even a headline in tact.

wagner machines.jpg (687843 bytes) wagner machines 2.jpg (535554 bytes) wagner machines 3.jpg (570919 bytes) wagner machines 4.jpg (540037 bytes) wagner machines 5.jpg (574488 bytes) wagner tubes.jpg (396658 bytes) wagner tube.jpg (431759 bytes) 
^ 2 near mint condition 100% original Charlie Wagner machines with Stamped Wagner Tubes and switchboard.

pigments.jpg (568384 bytes) misc items.jpg (666509 bytes)
^ Pigments, stencil cutter, watercolors, and various objects

Nations Supply flier.jpg (515210 bytes) Nations Supply flier closeup.jpg (292456 bytes) Nations Supply flier back 1.jpg (565156 bytes) Nations Supply flier back 2.jpg (510128 bytes) Nations Supply flier back 3.jpg (578278 bytes) Nations Supply flier back 4.jpg (633385 bytes)
^ Four D. Nations Supply Fliers with hand drawn acetate rubbings on the back of each. 1910's era.

pencil and acetate.jpg (486077 bytes)
^ Only one acetate stencil (R) in the bunch, and the corresponding pencil drawing (L)

frank kelly signed.jpg (391250 bytes)
^ This was the only flash cut that was signed by Frank Kelly.

dietzel 1.jpg (688755 bytes) dietzel 2.jpg (633177 bytes) dietzel 3.jpg (498699 bytes) dietzel 4.jpg (636332 bytes) dietzel 5.jpg (595841 bytes) dietzel 6.jpg (713003 bytes) dietzel 7.jpg (450635 bytes) dietzel 8.jpg (699664 bytes) dietzel 9.jpg (651990 bytes) dietzel 10.jpg (713053 bytes) dietzel 11.jpg (717133 bytes) dietzel 12.jpg (624729 bytes) dietzel 13.jpg (561558 bytes)
^ 27 flash cuts by Amund Dietzel, including one that appears to have been a palette at one time.

cuts 1.jpg (544296 bytes) cuts 2.jpg (502171 bytes) cuts 3.jpg (517369 bytes) cuts 4.jpg (498045 bytes) cuts 5.jpg (728255 bytes) cuts 6.jpg (726700 bytes) cuts 7.jpg (709899 bytes) cuts 8.jpg (616885 bytes) cuts 9.jpg (723428 bytes) cuts 10.jpg (772887 bytes) cuts 11.jpg (778451 bytes)
^ Various hand painted flash cuts believed to be from the late 1800's-1920's era. Artist unknown.

paper sheet 1.jpg (490051 bytes) paper sheet 2.jpg (530630 bytes)
^ 2 hand drawn paper flash sheets. Unknown artist. Early 1900's era.

pencils 1.jpg (488108 bytes) pencils 2.jpg (585920 bytes) pencils 3.jpg (512169 bytes) pencils 4.jpg (538731 bytes) pencils 5.jpg (396627 bytes) pencils 6.jpg (432289 bytes) pencils 7.jpg (508357 bytes) pencils 8.jpg (532167 bytes) pencils 9.jpg (420215 bytes) pencils 10.jpg (445222 bytes) pencils 11.jpg (709030 bytes) pencils 12.jpg (530021 bytes) pencils 13.jpg (485127 bytes) pencils 14.jpg (465228 bytes) pencils 15.jpg (555446 bytes) pencils 16.jpg (536866 bytes) pencils 17.jpg (583833 bytes) pencils 18.jpg (538376 bytes) pencils 19.jpg (659146 bytes) pencils 20.jpg (567729 bytes) pencils 21.jpg (596177 bytes) pencils 22.jpg (554664 bytes) pencils 23.jpg (598863 bytes) pencils 24.jpg (682184 bytes) pencils 25.jpg (564280 bytes) pencils 26.jpg (412178 bytes) pencils 27.jpg (439380 bytes) pencils 28.jpg (528628 bytes) pencils 29.jpg (494435 bytes) pencils 30.jpg (519012 bytes) pencils 31.jpg (473669 bytes) pencils 32.jpg (466531 bytes)
^ Various pencil drawings. Various unknown artists. Some believed to be Amund Dietzel. Others possibly Christian Warlich. 1980's-1920's era.

board 1.jpg (697137 bytes) board 2.jpg (643614 bytes) board 3.jpg (653600 bytes) board 4.jpg (639090 bytes) board 5.jpg (655514 bytes) board 6.jpg (656638 bytes) board 7.jpg (626474 bytes) board 8.jpg (664027 bytes) board 9.jpg (624466 bytes) board 10.jpg (599231 bytes) board 11.jpg (657283 bytes) board 12.jpg (669881 bytes) board 13.jpg (695235 bytes) board 14.jpg (637971 bytes) board 15.jpg (664860 bytes) board 16.jpg (634558 bytes) board 17.jpg (778879 bytes) board 18.jpg (880443 bytes)
^ 18 flash boards. Paper mounted on cardboard. Unknown artist. Believed to be late 1800's era.